Celebrity Style I Bandhanhara

With that the more confident, the more turned. How? What is the mantra? He has recently fallen in love. Own. That is why his own world has been formed. There is no place for depression. Yes, Ajmeri Haq Bandhan. He is constantly exposing himself in a new light. Now, the spark of her acting talent is shining again and again, impressing her innate beauty. That is evident in her spontaneous performances in powerful characters like Rehana Mariam Noor or Muskan Zuberi. From the Lux-Channel i Superstar competition of 2008, the red carpet of the ears, the borders of the country or beyond, on-screen or off-screen, has always caught the eye of the captivating smile, convincing look and the vibrancy of talent. I want to spend my life on my own terms. Want to become an ideal mother and a good person. He came to Canvas Studios. Face to face Zahera Shirin

What color do you like to wear?
Bandhan: At one time only red was my choice. But now there is a desire to explore all kinds of colors. So red, white, black — everything is worn.
 Which color do you absolutely like?
Binding: There is no such color. All colors are worn in space-time-pot, if it suits me.
 An accessory without which to go out?
Bandhan: There is no such thing. When I go out normally, I don’t wear anything different.
A fashion trend of choice?
Bandhan: Any trend of the sixties is my favorite. It’s great to be back in fashion.
Ethnic, or Western?
Binding: Now Western.
Heel or flat?
Bandhan: Although the heel body looks nice on the back, it goes well with sari or any outfit. But I’m a flat fan. I’m talking about two lace slippers.
কোন Which dress is most comfortable?
Binding: Trousers, T-shirt. Hands down!
পোশাক A wardrobe dress that has been worn the most?
Bandhan: The clothes I wear at home. The price of each of them has gone up by a penny! Ha ha.

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