The 12th LBMA Global Fashion Week presents Korea’s first Barbie doll fashion show

The 12th LBMA Global Fashion Week was held at the Grand Ballroom of The K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 3rd. This event, which was sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, was held in the form of a differentiated model contest to serve as a link between job models and small and medium-sized brand products rather than profit, with the purpose of supporting cultural exchanges between countries and promoting domestic small and medium-sized brands.

In particular, the Barbie doll fashion show, which was shown for the first time in Korea on this day, and the Anthony Andes and Evisu Sports F/W fashion shows attracted attention, and various performances of the brand awards ceremony and LBMA Star Awards provided things to see and enjoy.
In his greeting, Tony Kwon, CEO of LBMA STAR, said, “A lot of staff worked hard for today’s performance. We worked hard to entertain you behind the scenes. You saw the children walking as models earlier, but these are the future of our children.” “It will brighten it up,” he said. He continued, “I want to support their dreams,” and emphasized, “These can be said to be the excellence and differentiation we have created.”

Director Lim Young-min of Berry Good Plastic Surgery, who attended the competition as the judge, said, “With the popularity of K-culture, Korean beauty has become popular, and the LBMA event is an opportunity to show off the beauty of each country while harmonizing world beauty and culture.” “I hope this will be an opportunity to promote K-beauty more globally,” he said.
Organizing Committee Chairman Cho Bo-hyun said, “Kid stars are making their big dream of K-cultural content come true because there are many people working hard behind the scenes.”

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The event was supported and cooperated by Dean Dong-yeon Ahn of Moda Lab, a European fashion design school, Byeong-cheon Ahn, Chairman of premium brand Evisu Sports, Soo-jin Lee, CEO of main sponsor VG Medical Group, Bo-hyun Cho, Chairman of Ecoria Co., Ltd., Kwon Jin-jin, CEO of Ultra V, and Gyu-ri Hong, CEO of Truezyme Cosmetics. .
Meanwhile, the winners of the LBMA Awards on this day are as follows.

In the corporate sector, ▲Brand Grand Prize in the Aesthetic Medical Category / VG Medical Group CEO Lee Soo-jin ▲Fashion & Cosmetics Category Brand Grand Prize / Evisu & Raf Simons Chairman Ahn Byeong-cheon ▲Media Art Category Brand Grand Prize / EZN PRO Director Yoon Jeong-sik ▲Production Media Category Brand Grand Prize / ADERA CEO Yang Mi-ri I won the award.

In the Best Brand Celebrity Individual Category, ▲ Male Actor Category Asia Star Award / Lee Dong-jun ▲ Female Actor Category Star Award / Actress Kim Hye-seon ▲ Actor Category News Star Award / Moon Seon-yong ▲ Singer Category Asia Star Award / Jeong Jae-wook ▲ Artist Singer Category Star Award / Dina Aid ▲ Rising Star Award in the Actor Category / Actress Eun-seon Han ▲ Star Award in the Pop Artist Category / Jaeyoon Jo ▲ Star Award in the Hip-Hop Category / Jeong Sang-soo & Blizz ▲ Star Award in the Leper Category / Singer Gilmi ▲ New Star Award in the Boy Group Category / Superkind ▲ Rookie Award in the Girl Group Category / Prim Rose ▲ Cultural Artist Award for Cultural Development / Kim Jeong-oh ▲ Best Kids Model Award / Munkhtselmeg Gundsambuu ▲ Cultural Artist Award / Lily Arts Troupe Jeong Myeong-sook ▲ Cultural Artist Achievement Award / Singer Yoo Joo-hyun received the award.
This LBMA Global Fashion Week has established itself as an opportunity to exchange cultures between Korea and the world, with the participation of domestic and foreign models and celebrities. In particular, the Barbie doll fashion show, which was introduced for the first time in Korea, captured the attention of the audience by providing a spectacular attraction. In addition, the awards ceremony for celebrities active in various fields was successfully concluded.

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